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Holistic Recovery: Shari’s Approach to Addiction

Shari’s clients—whether or not they’re working a 12 Step Program—learn to dissolve their former debilitating stories through a multi-disciplinary holistic approach that shifts from a cycle of victimization and negative self-fulfilling prophecies to empowerment and conscious living. When people transcend their former self, a hero is born. The world becomes safe and life becomes the adventure it is meant to be. Inner support can be accessed when guidance is available. A person’s addiction, whether physical, mental, or emotional, begins to heal, and new energy is attainable for the creation of a higher vision of life.

This alternative, integrative approach to addiction is natural and essential to spiritual healing. Spiritual healing at the soul level is required, and is the antidote to a spiritual crisis which often manifests itself through addiction.

Shari defines addiction as anything one can’t stop, including but not limited to:

Substance abuse and habitual behavior are typically more evident to the observer. Therefore, help is available because the “symptom” of the problem is clear. Emotional addiction, however, is much more subtle, and can manifest as addiction to the drama and story of one’s life. When this happens, one can become addicted to needing a biochemical “hit” to support a false belief about one’s self. This may manifest as emotions of: feeling less than, unworthy, suffering, or victimization. This is addiction to “story,” and is often evident through the classic presence of a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Shari has witnessed in her own practice how many people are addicted to their own story of victimization and suffering, and how they’ve become “possessed,” making them powerless and unconscious of divine intervention.

This is not living a conscious life. A conscious life is one in which a person lives to embrace his or her full potential. It’s a life lived as a spiritual experience in the light of illumination.

There is a growing body of evidence which supports the value of shamanic practices and recovery. This includes investigations into the relevance of traditional healing practices (non orthodox), and therapeutic and preventive management of substance abuse by such organizations as the World Health Organization. There is clear evidence supporting the importance of traditional healing modalities and the healing of substance abuse.

Shari’s method combines three disciplines, blending the best to create deeper healing at the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. Her approach to addiction includes:

This method of healing and self-actualization is an effective and transformational process for the millions already working a program, as well as for those just starting to explore the magic and mystery of the 12 Steps.

Combining these elements provides a firm foundation for deeper exploration and healing at the soul level. Shari provide a safe and sacred environment for this by addressing and initiating the healing of emotional wounds, a process by which she clears toxic energy that binds the body, mind, and soul, holding it captive to a life of limitation.

This shift naturally realigns one to his or her soul’s purpose. There is a return to homeostasis. The mind, body, and soul is free to create an environment.

It is natural for the body to feel well and thrive, and not just survive.

Shari has been in recovery since 1982.

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